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Alice Cowdrey is an award-winning textile artist with an obsession for needle felting. The Okato-based artist enjoys using vibrant colored sheep's wool to felt brooches, animals, pin cushions and other intricate works of art. Drawing inspiration from royalty, folk art and nature, she enjoys adding different fibre to her work like possum fur, human hair and cat fur.
Needle felting is a dry felting technique where a a barbed needle is used to repeatedly jab fibres. This process tangles and compacts the fibres together. The needle is used as a sculptural tool to create flat or three dimensional pieces of art. Her piece 'Her Majesty' - a woollen purse featuring a royal sheep - is currently being exhibited as part of the HomeWork Exhibition at Puke Ariki.

No previous experience in felting is necessary, Alice will show teach you everything and you will get to take home a super cute creation!
You will be fed sweet treats and tea/coffee to wash the sugar down!

WHEN: Saturday 23 September, 10am-12pm
WHERE: FOX+PLUM Creative Hub, 22 Henui Street, Strandon, New Plymouth
WHAT TO BRING: Nothing! All materials are supplied!
PRICE: $50 per person

Please note – there are no refunds on workshops, however you can send someone in your place if you cannot attend!